Upcoming clothing recycling project

Five UANL students visited the United States to develop a project proposal for textile recycling. By next August, High School No.7 Las puentes will host the first phase of this stage.

Redesign, interchange, and sell your own clothes.

Be clever Dress Better, is a clothing recycling project developed by five UANL high school students who will be working throughout the year in different UANL High Schools starting with Highschool No. 7 Las Puentes.

With this project, students are welcoming civil society to reuse and recycle clothing while raising awareness about textile recycling.

 “Textile waste is the second world’s most common pollutant. This is something that we want to change, transform consumerist culture into a new approach of reuse and recycling”. Said Victor Esaub Galindo Garcia.

Exploring social issues affecting Mexico and the United States.

Be clever Dress Better, was born from Jóvenes en Acción program which is organized by the Department of State, represented by the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, the Ministry of Education, and private bodies.

Participants visit the United States for four weeks; meet like-minded American youth addressing similar social issues in their communities and return to Mexico to implement community service projects throughout the academic year.

Participants will acquire skills and knowledge while learning about local culture of many cities such as: Brattleboro, Vermont, and Pensacola, Florida. Finally, projects will be presented to the Department of State in Washington, D.C.

Creative and innovative projects.

A total of 75 university students are working in 17 projects. Project themes include the following: school bullying, sustainability, discrimination, etc. Be clever Dress Better was the best in the category of Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

Jovenes en accion 2019 boasts 1,500 students aged 15-17 divided into 300 teams. Be Clever Dress Better and Juntos por la Paz by CONALEP were the two projects representing the State of Nuevo Leon

Clothing recycling in 5 steps

1. Change your outfit 

Where people can exchange garments

2. Make your design

People will redesing clothes and participate in workshops and sewing classes

3. Sale

Participants will have the opportunity to sell clothes at an affordable price.

4. Pass the hat

Be Clever Dress Better staff would give the collected money to environmental care organizations.

5. Go for it

Clothing will be auctioned and all of the proceeds are allocated to environmental care projects.

“We as young people have what it takes to succeed in this project, and use the power of convening for social impact and invite people to become part of this project. Said Marian Porras Treviño.

Participating students: Osvaldo Javier Loera Castro, Cenia Candanosa de la Garza, and Ana Elisa Treviño Contreras.

Posted by: Department of Press