Office of the President

I am pleased to welcome you to Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, an institution founded in 1933 and known for its excellence in higher education, by training humanistic and scientific professionals who contribute to finding solutions to social problems and bringing change and innovation to the northeastern region of Mexico.

Today, more than 214 thousand students wish to complete their professional goals through one of the 360 programs offered at high school, undergraduate, and postgraduate stages. Our programs are available to our students through 29 high schools and 26 colleges across 30 municipalities in the state of Nuevo Leon.

It is worth mentioning that one hundred percent of bachelor programs are ranked level 1 in “Padrón de Calidad del Sistema Nacional de Educación Media Superior” (Quality Standard of the National System of Upper Secondary Education).

Likewise, one hundred percent of the undergraduate programs eligible for evaluation belong to the Padron Nacional de Programas Educativos de Calidad (National Register of Quality Educational Programs).  72 programs have a valid national accreditation, some of them accredited by CIEES (6), others certified by COPAES (50), and others by both organizations(16).  22 are classified at level 1 of CIEES and 68 have accreditation by agencies authorized by COPAES. In addition, 46 programs are internationally certified.

On the graduate level, 14 percent of the 204 academic programs hold accreditation as well as international prestige. In addition, 58 percent of the programs at this level belong to the Padron Nacional de Posgrados de Calidad [National Register of Quality Graduate Programs] administered by the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología [National Council for Science and Technology] (CONACYT).

Our raison d’être is university students, so we offer them a comprehensive education with full awareness of the regional, national, and global environment. Promoting principles and values, with a commitment to sustainable, scientific, technological, and cultural development. Our students are competent, competitive, innovative, and socially responsible.

When you choose Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León as the place to pursue your professional development, you are signing up for an institution that is premised on Excellence as a principle and Education as an instrument.


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Maximum Academic Institution of Nuevo Leon, the home of Tigres

Dr. med. Santos Guzmán López

Posted by: H. Consejo Universitario