The School of Forestry educates world-class environmental specialists

The accreditation agency ASIIN certified two academic programs of the School of Forestry. Now, the undergraduate and doctoral degrees in natural resource management are internationally accredited.

According to President Rogelio Garza, such achievement represents the hard work, discipline, and planning of our university. With this, the school is committed to supporting our 2020 Vision. Moreover, students will receive education that fulfills global standards.

In addition to the certifications awarded by the ASIIN, these academic programs have other important accreditations. Both degrees are certified by the Mexican authorities COMEEA and CONACYT, respectively.

Humberto Gonzalez, dean of the School of Forestry, mentioned that his students’ skills are now internationally validated. As a result, the school has become one of the top higher education institutions in Mexico.

The ceremony was presided over by President Rogelio Garza, ASIIN Representative Siegfried Hermes, and Dean Humberto Gonzalez. UANL Vice Presidents Emilia Vasquez, Daniel Gonzalez, Ricardo Gomez, and Gerardo Tamez were also present at the event.

Posted by: Department of Press