UANL Athletics Background

Long before Universidad de Nuevo Leon was created in 1933, what would be the forerunner of UANL, athletics played a fundamental part in our institution which led to the foundation of the University: Colegio Civil.

Volleyball was one of the first athletics manifestations at Colegio Civil from UANL athletics. In 1918 a men’s volleyball tournament was played for the first time in Monterrey. Back then in the 1940s, not many sports were practiced, and the few tournaments were always a success among society. Sports events were always on the front pages of newspapers.

Athletics, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, baseball, tennis, and cycling were some of the disciplines that dominated those years. The Universidad de Nuevo Leon made a great difference in athletics development.

It was in 1950 when the first Inter-University Sports Games were held from 5 to 13 February 1952. In those years, Leopoldo Urdiales headed up university sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, athletics, swimming, fencing, boxing, water polo, weight training, and chess.

From the late 1950s onwards, the creation of Ciudad Universitaria and the old Olympic size swimming pool triggered university sports growing. Sometime later, Raymundo “Chico” Rivera took the helm of college sports revolutionizing for a second time the world of sports at Universidad de Nuevo Leon after inviting ex-military personnel specialized in sports to participate in different activities.

In 1971, “Chico” Rivera finished his cycle at the service of the University. Next year, Cayetano E. Garza Garza, “El Tigre Mayor” took his place. He was the founder of the Department of Athletics and the School of Physical Education. Garza Garza ended his period in 1991.

Oscar Salas Fraire took his place at the Department of Athletics from 1991 to 1996. Javier Meza Flores succeeded Oscar Salas, and one year later UANL hosted the National University Championships. UANL was fourth in the medal ranking. After having a better performance in 2000, the UANL won this competition.

In the year of 2010, the Department of Athletics opened its administrative offices and the Sports Center Linares campus. UANL is a clear leader and has won 15 gold medals in the National University Championship from 2000 to 2018.UANL athletes have also contributed with national teams from different disciplines and sports, including the Olympic Games.

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