UANL welcomes 217 thousand students for new semester

A couple of years after the Covid-19 pandemic caused sanitary restrictions worldwide and affected classroom activities, this August-December 2022 term, more than 217,500 UANL students have returned to campus.

In a ceremony headed by UANL President Santos Guzman Lopez, the welcoming of the new semester was made official at 7:00 a.m. on August 8 at the facilities of Preparatoria 15 Florida.

You are all winners for being here at this great high school. Congratulations to you and your parents. Now, let’s put a lot of effort into everything and prepare yourselves to pursue a bachelor’s degree”.

Santos Guzman Lopez
UANL President

UANL President continued his itinerary at the School of Nursing, where he visited the shock trauma units of the Specialized Center for Advanced Student Practice, as well as the hospital pediatrics and ob-gyn departments.

The day concluded with a visit to the “Gumersindo Cantu Hinojosa” auditorium of the School of Accounting and Business Management (FACPYA for its acronym in Spanish), where he stated that the future of higher education is linked to improving intercultural learning, inter-institutional cooperation based on mutual benefit, investment in technological infrastructure, expansion of virtual education and the attraction of foreign students through this modality.

Health protocol remains in effect

Before the media representatives, the President remarked that UANL will continue with the sanitary protocol, which includes mobility signage and the use of masks within university facilities.

UANL in numbers

  • High school students: 77, 970
  • Undergraduate degrees: 134, 307
  • Graduate degrees: 5,236
  • University for Senior Program:  55
    Total: 217, 568

UANL staff

  • Collaborators: 20,000
  • Faculty: 6,899 (35 % high school and 65% undergraduate studies)


  • Ciudad Universitaria
  • Ciencias de la Salud
  • Linares
  • Sabinas Hidalgo
  • Mederos
  • Ciencias Agropecuarias
  • Cadereyta


  • High School: 29 with 40 facilities
  • Undergraduate degrees: 26 with 41 facilities

Academic programs

  • 350 now available
  • High School: 51
  • Undergraduate studies: 85
  • Graduate degrees: 214

New academic programs

  • Undergraduate studies: 2
  • Master’s degree in science: 3
  • Non-Thesis Masters: 3
  • Specialization Courses: 6
  • Doctorate degrees: 1
  • Academic programs internationally certified: 90
  • Accreditation agencies: 22

Research and technological development

  • R&D centers: 41
  • SNI Researchers: 1,120
  • Researchers registered in the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (National System of Art Creators): 3

UANL international students

  • Students participating in the Mobility Program during the last three years: 2,278
  • Countries welcoming UANL students: 30
  • Collaboration agreements for this program: 269


  • National University Championships: 17; 15 of them won in consecutive years.
  • Athletes at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games: 12
  • Athletes at the Pan American Games in Cali: 47
  • Mexican Amputee Football League Championships: 4

UANL Digital Strategy

  • Teachers trained with a certificate in digital resources; 6,870
  • Virtual classrooms: 80 thousand
  • Hybrid classrooms: 1,389

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