UANL students to represent Mexico in RoboCup 2022

Nine UANL students will participate in the International Robotics Tournament, from July 10 to 17, in Thailand. Three thousand competitors from 45 countries will be attending Robocup 2022.

Using a rescue robot and having a show staged by automated monsters, nine students from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon will participate in the International Robotics Tournament Robocup 2022.

  • UANL’s team is composed of two groups, one from the Centro de Investigación y Desarrollo de Educación Bilingüe (CIDEB), and the other from Preparatoria 21, from China, NL.
  • Both university groups will represent Mexico in the Rescue Maze and On Stage categories during the robotics competition.
    The event will be held from July 10 to 17, in Bangkok, Thailand.

Taking China, Nuevo León, on the road to Thailand.

The captain of the team called TRF (The robots of the future), Jesus Ricardo Guerrero Silvestre, explained that their project is focused on the simulation of an accident in which human access is not possible and for that reason, they created the robot “Atomo”.

“Atom can detect victims on its way or search them by identifying colors, letters, or temperature; according to each of these modes, different rescue kits are available,” explained the student from Preparatoria 21 in China, NL.

They mentioned that Atomo is a project they have developed through hard work and creativity. Having good results motivates them to continue working in order to have the best performance in Thailand, where they will participate in the tournament that will gather 3,000 competitors from 45 countries.

International experience

After three first places in the Robocup, the Center for Research and Development of Bilingual Education (CIDEB) is ready to participate in 2022 with the MXNSTERS team for the On Stage category.

Team captain Izamary Vazquez Guerra explained that the team has been working for almost nine months. Their performance must have a maximum duration of two minutes in which they present a song or scene from a movie. They were inspired by the movie Monster Inc.

The project simulates the scene where the monster named Sullivan scares a robotic child whose screams “fill” a tank, generating energy for the city of Monstruopolis. As part of the project, CIDEB’s team will recreate the bedroom, the kid character, the tanks, the door, and the monster that is over 6 feet tall; everything is robotized.

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