UANL promotes the power of science

Science communicators Javier Santaolalla and Jose Luis Crespo brought together more than two thousand people at the University Campus to learn about science and technology in a fun way.

Spanish scientists Javier Santaolalla and Jose Luis Crespo performed at Ciudad Universitaria’s campus on November 6, 2022, to inspire young students at our institution to learn about science.

Physicists and influencers were able to amuse and teach more than two thousand people who attended the master conference organized by Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, in collaboration with the Association of Physics Students (AEF) and the School of Physics and Mathematics (FCFM).

Science in everyday life

Following the main objective of the event of having science accessible to a large number of people, the lecturers explained physics topics through fun dynamics and using non-technical language.

At the beginning of his presentation, Javier Santaolalla explained the importance of physics in everyone’s daily life.

Total gratitude to the people of Nuevo Leon

Javier Santaolalla and Jose Luis Crespo, both physicists, opened a question and answer session in which the audience raised questions about the age of the universe, ghost particles known as neutrinos, the fourth dimension, nothingness, and the deterministic universe.

They also thanked Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon for allowing them to hold their first conference as a team and recommended the students become science communicators from their own trenches, adding that the most important thing for a scientist is to listen and learn.

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