UANL offers training for social workers as Expert Witnesses

The UANL School of Social Work offers an academic program for social workers as Expert Witnesses. The aim of this program is to provide specialists in the area with enough knowledge and skills to work as expert witnesses.

The social worker as an expert witness provides an expert report that obtains objective information through an investigation process, in such a way that allows social workers to detect information that determines the resources, needs, and problems for taking decisions by a judge.

The objective of this course, which lasts from August 6 to September 3, is to help professionals in social work or other related fields acquire enough knowledge and develop sufficient skills to work as expert witnesses in the legal sphere.

The main purpose of this course is to provide tools of analysis to guide the hermeneutics of law so that concepts, rulings, or sentences can be issued with full knowledge and consideration of complex human dilemmas.

Mónica Amalia Herrera Hinojosa

Herrera Hinojosa, who will be teaching this course, mentioned that students from neighboring counties will analyze the criminal codes of each entity in order to determine the conditions under which this expertise is provided.

“The approach of the course is to review the entire process, starting from the proposal of the evidence up to the admission of the charge, the drafting of the rulings, and its delivery. The whole process within the code of procedures” said the specialist.


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