UANL Graduate to be Mexican Ambassador at United Nations

Paola Mendoza Loredo, a graduate of the School of Public Accounting and Business Management of the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León.

Paola Mendoza received the news that she had been accepted to participate as Mexico’s delegate in the Change the World Model United Nations program of the United Nations.

After following the indications requested by the web application, writing and sending her essay, the applicant had an online interview with the Associazione Diplomatici, based in Milan, Italy, to learn about the invitation to join this international program.

The global agenda will be on the table.

In an interview, Mendoza Loredo pointed out that a delegate to this program aims to emulate the role of an Ambassador to the United Nations.

University hallmark.

Paola’s participation in an event of such magnitude -with a 14-year tradition- fills her with pride as she takes the University flag to the United Nations.

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