Tuna from the School of Engineering is on tour.

Tuna of School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is the oldest traditional group of Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, with a musical journey of 51 years.

Currently, Tuna is on a musical tour throughout Mexico, and  some countries such as Germany, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Spain, France, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, and Portugal. This year, Tuna is representing UANL in foreing soil.

This latter part of the tour started on July 11th and will finish August 4th.

Keeping traditions alive.

This type of musical group has lively and joyful performances and it has always been considered to be a traveling one.

That is why, this year, on their musical tour of South America, they will visit different countries such as Peru and Chile and other cities.

In Peru, they will visit Lima, Juliaca, Cusco, Tacna, Chiclayo, and Moquegua. On July 13th, Tuna was in Chiclayo for the 2nd Tunas Competition 2019. Then, they will move on to Cusco for the 7th University Tunas International Competition, from July 18th-20th.

Afterwards, Tuna is travelling to the city of Moquegua on July 30th for the 1st. Tunas Competition of Universidad Nacional de Moquegua.

And then finally, to Iquique, a city in Chile where they will participate in the 1st. International Gathering of University Tunas at the Arturo Prat University. This will take place between July 25-27th.

At these competitions, the group will participate in different categories:

  • Best tambourine dance
  • Best flag dance
  • Best cape dance
  • Best soloist
  • Best instrumental interpretation
  • Award to the best Tuna
  • Award to the most “true to the name” Tuna

Posted by: Department of Press