Ribbon cutting ceremony at Linares Campus

Five schools at Linares Campus will move to the new building, starting this fall semester.

Grand opening of this new building is part of the initiative to make education possible for everyone in the state. It will hold academic programs from School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Law and Criminology, School of Nursing, School of Philosophy and Literature, and School of Physical Education.

The new building consists of 15 classrooms, three computer laboratories, one center for nurses to-be, six laboratories, and one oral trial court.

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony was attended by the UANL President Rogelio Garza Rivera, who was accompanied by academic staff and the students that will get to enjoy the building first.

Garza Rivera said to be proud of the school’s programs international reputation and the commitment they have, to offer more educational programs in the future.

New classrooms were also unveiled in School of Forestry, at Linares Campus

Posted by: Department of Press