His work is awarded in China

A total of thirty-eight poems by Margarito Cuéllar have been translated into Chinese and published in magazines and newspapers from 2015 to date.

For his literary creation, he received the 2021 Shanghai Golden Magnolia International Poetry Prize.

Margarito Cuellar, from San Luis Potosí, was awarded the 2021 Shanghai Golden Magnolia International Poetry Prize for his literary career, which is somehow linked to the eastern country. The award will be announced on December 14 at the Shanghai Poetry Festival in Shanghai, China.

Since 2015, Margarito’s poems have been published in Chinese magazines and newspapers, which founded his ties with this ancient country. Therefore, he is now honored with this award, following a poetic work that includes more than 150 award-winning pages written from 2019 to date.

The journey of verse

Two unpublished books contain his 38 poems translated into Chinese. Meanwhile, Cuéllar Zárate keeps on teaching at the UANL School of Communication (FCC by its acronym in Spanish). He also welcomes participants to his literary workshops and carries out one of his permanent activities, participating in poetry festivals through seemingly endless journeys.

“I was also invited to the Shanghai International Poetry Festival in the first days of December. So, it’s time to recover a little after the pandemic red alert”. Cuellar explained the details of his agenda, whose the Golden Magnolia International Award 2021 is a reward for his career and formalizes in some way the bond with China, which in some way has come through poetry.

Among all the nominations from different countries around the world, a committee chooses the winner. That is the story of the Golden Magnolia, which will be awarded on December 14 in Shanghai and will be received by Mexico’s Consul in Shanghai.



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