Cristina Rodríguez, UANL top inventor

A researcher for the UANL School of Biological Sciences. María Cristina Rodríguez Padilla holds 18 patent applications in the categories of immunity, cancer, and viruses, becoming one of the top inventors of the institution.

Teaching and Science are two of her great passions to which she has devoted time for more than forty years.

María Cristina is a level III member of the National System of Researchers by Conacyt (the National Council for Science and Technology) and holds the title of Research Professor for the UANL School of Biological Sciences.

“My growth as a scientist within the university as a result of this work fills me with satisfaction. Knowledge creation is also important for teaching since students are in contact with it and they see that there is a new path. In other words, there is a universe within education called science, to which they can easily have access”, says the scientist who has also been a visiting researcher at the University of Texas and Harvard School of Public Health.

Graduated from Instituto Politécnico Nacional with Master’s and Doctorate degrees, Rodríguez Padilla comments that scientific findings become relevant when they have an impact on society. As a clear example of this, she mentioned that soon after the Covid-19 outbreak, preventive health measures were taken and awareness was raised to be prepared for future pandemics.

Women in Science

Cristina Rodríguez also comments that the role of women in science has been crucial since they have ventured into areas in which they have not only made successful debuts in recent years but have also made significant contributions in many fields of knowledge.

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