Augmented reality and metaverse lectures

Lucero Cavazos, Head of Digital Education at UANL, presented the results of a research study that encourages teachers to seek new educational experiences.

Learning to work with augmented reality and the metaverse should be the work of university professors today since new generations of students are demanding these features for their courses.

This was stated by the Head of Digital Education at UANL, Lucero Cavazos Salazar, during her participation on December 9 in the 5th International Congress on Educational Research RIE-UANL 2022.

“A research study we conducted with first-semester high school students showed that they want to be taught remotely, where teachers use interactive videos, augmented reality resources, and the metaverse”.

Lucero Cavazos Salazar
Head of Digital Education at UANL

 According to the Head of Digital Education at UANL, some of the relevant technologies that professors need to start working on today include augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

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