Center for Research in Agricultural Production


Develop agricultural technology focused on increasing the production of basic grains and fodder for human and animal consumption (corn, sorghum, etc.), as well as developing research projects on the behavior of grapevine cultivars.

Laboratories and departments

Evaluate cultivars considering their adaptation to the soil, climate, vegetative development, disease resistance, pest control, as well as fruit production and their Brix degrees.

Genetic improvement in cattle, sheep, and deer, aimed at improving production through nutrition, clinical, artificial insemination, and embryo transfer techniques.

Reproduction and genetics by means of assisted reproduction techniques such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer, as well as collecting and processing sperm.

Training services

  • Training for livestock producers and farmers
  • Wine tasting and pairing courses
  • Workshops on artisanal winemaking
  • Courses on evaluation of reproductive aptitude in bovine males

Industrial services

  • UANL Vineyard Tours
  • Consulting services to wine producers
  • Sale of cattle, sheep, goats, and deer, as well as bovine semen and embryos

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