Center for Business Incubation and Technology Transfer (CIETT)


Promote business incubation and technology transfer, as well as university knowledge, through an effective, sustainable, and appropriate system, marked by a strong intra-university coordination and interaction with society.

Training services

  • Flexible development methodologies for the creation of products and services.
  • Business models. Business administration. Management of funds for business development.
  • Fund management for the development of technological projects.
  • Technological and commercial monitoring.
  • Intellectual Property.

Industrial services

Networking events.

In the business linkage area we have equipped offices with the following services:

Internet service.
Telephone service.
Computer equipment.
Meeting rooms.
Parking lot.

Equipped spaces for rental use:

Business room for up to 16 people.
Business room for up to 10 people.
Training room for up to 22 people.
Auditorium for up to 160 people.
Auditorium lobby for up to 60 people.

Posted by: Centro de Incubación de Empresas y Transferencia de Tecnología