UANL and Stanford University partner in crime prevention

Both universities will cooperate with these social programs, promoting and evaluating public policies to prevent crime and violence in the State.

On 19 June, with the signing of the agreement both institutions agreed to colaborate and work together on specific issues.

“We will coordinate efforts in order to create new public policies aimed at identifying social problems such as crime and violence”.

A total of 308 social programs will be evaluated in three respects. First, identify the purpose of the programs, then, we will conduct diagnostic research in violence-affected neighborhoods. Finally, how are these social programs responding to critical problems”. Said, Beatriz Magaloni Kerpel, Faculty Director of the Poverty Violence Governance Lab from Stanford University.

Government and academic institutions were unanimous in asserting the belief that violence is deeply embedded into the social system and it has virtually broken down our families, neighborhoods, civility, and respect.

“There are 60,000 people that will receive support to overcome poverty. Interpretation of results made by both universities would help us to find better solutions and we must solve these problems. A decrease in violence and crime rates is expected”. Said Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, Governor of Nuevo Leon.

Rogelio Garza Rivera, UANL President, attended the signing of the agreement. Some other UANL Schools that will participate are the School of Psychology and the School of Law and Criminology.

Posted by: Department of Press