UANL welcomes national and international students

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon increases its admission by welcoming 387 national and international students. They will carry out academic stays for a semester, a year, or a specified time set by their educational program; coming from 31 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and the American continent.

Emilia Edith Vasquez Frias, the Academic Dean, said that the university is more than happy to welcome the students, hoping they enjoy their time at UANL and leave feeling very satisfied.

Colombia, Peru, and Cuba are among the countries with the highest number of exchanges, followed by Dominican Republic, France, Chile and Honduras.

The stays with highest demand are the School of Accounting and Business Management with 48 students, School of Psychology with 47, School of Chemistry with 43 and School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering with 41.

Karen Melissa Polanco from School of Physical Education, who continues her doctoral studies in Physical Culture Sciences, shared her experiences with exchange students. ‘’UANL has exceeded my expectations, I learned a lot about research and human quality thanks to the people here’’, said the student from Colombia.

Mexico, top choice for foreign exchange students

Students regard Mexico as one of their first choices for academic exchanges, because they are attracted to the culture, educational level, and their world-renowned schools. And other contributing factors are the recommendations of the schoolmates that previously carried out exchanges.

Imanol Jimenez de los Galanes from Spain, and Teodorescu Soare Eugen from Romania have resolved to continue with their academic studies at UANL since some of their friends related some great experiences of studying here.

“I have always found Mexico quite interesting. As soon as I landed in the country I had a good impression and I chose Monterrey because I like mountains, some friends have also told me excellent comments about people from Monterrey”, said Imanol.

Imanol Jimenez from the University of Malaga, Spain, will be studying multimedia journalism at the School of Communication.

Likewise, Teodorescu from Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy will be studying during six months at the UANL School of Medicine.

“I’m attracted to Mexico. I have heard many good experiences from other classmates and they adore Mexican culture. Everything I have seen is just great. I would like to know the State, but specially the country, and the most important fact, the UANL School of Medicine is being recognized at world level”.

Posted by: Department of Press