UANL School of Economics reopens the dialogue on Human Capital and Economic Expansion

Experts convened at the UANL School of Economics to delve into the pivotal role of human capital in the growth and sustainable development of societies.

After a temporary halt due to COVID-19, one of the UANL School of Economics‘ most significant events, the XVII International Meeting on Human Capital and Growth, has been revitalized.

Over two days, professors, researchers, and students from the School of Economics addressed and discussed the most current issues in the field that impacted society.

“Experts convened to engage in discussions and exchange ideas regarding the pivotal role that human capital plays in the growth and sustainable development of societies. We acknowledge that human capital is the most invaluable asset an organization can possess, encompassing skills and knowledge and the core values underpinning a robust, sustainable human capital foundation”.

Santos Guzman Lopez
UANL President

A Window to the International Stage

The International Meeting on Human Capital and Growth had its inaugural edition in 1994, and since then, it has served as a forum for discussing various critical topics, including labor market dynamics, poverty alleviation efforts, policy evaluation to enhance productivity, and promote gender equality, among other essential subjects.

It has additionally functioned as a platform for the School of Economics to gain global recognition.

Main Discussion Topics

  1. The financial burden of interpersonal aggression and self-inflicted harm.
  2. Back to the Office or Back to the Maternity Ward? The Impact of Full-Time Schooling on Fertility
  3. What is happening with labor income in Mexico 1984-2020?

Leading Experts

Fernanda Márquez
Princeton University

Salvador Navarro
University of Chicago

Jorge Valero
University of California, Santa Barbara

José Martínez
University of Chicago

Magali Valero
Arizona State University

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