UANL researchers testing a new prosthetic device

This device is being developed using metallurgical-level technology, ceramic coatings and advanced techniques. The head of this project is researchers Marco Antonio Hernandez and Alberto Perez Unzueta.

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon is working to develop a resistant total hip prosthesis made of materials that do not generate adverse reactions in the human body.

This work, entitled ” Prótesis total de cadera con recubrimiento multicapas antidesdesgaste” (Total hip prosthesis with anti-wear multilayer coating), was carried out by researcher Marco Antonio Hernández, from the UANL School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering (FIME), who was also supported by Alberto Pérez Unzueta, also a scientist at the same institution.

“This project emerged from the fact that since I was an undergraduate I really enjoyed practicing medicine, however, I decided to go into engineering, and over the years I started to get involved in engineering and medical topics related to finding solutions to improve the quality of life of patients,” said Hernandez.

Another factor that made Marco Antonio decide to choose this area was that he realized that prostheses of this type are generally imported from other countries since Mexico is still very young in the technological development of these products.

For the UANL scientist, it is a challenge to have a material that can match the bone, since it is a living element that regenerates itself from time to time, so adapting a material that can compete in terms of lightness, strength, and elasticity is a challenge.

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