UANL raising awareness about viral hepatitis

On World Hepatitis Day, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon had a forum with experts to talk about this disease, its chronic effects and the way it affects the country.

Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez’ University Hospital, in coolaboration with the Liver Unit, hold an event on July 29th, in the framework of the World Hepatitis Day. It was aimed at making population aware of the risks, repercussions, and the treatment of infectious liver diseases caused by virus. There are numerous ways to contract hepatitis, such as excessive alcohol consumption, getting tatooed or having a surgery with infected equipment, and unprotected sex, and not everyone is aware of it.

The forum had medical experts on this area, and 10 presentations about the subject with useful information. It was not only for general public but also for family members of patients with the disease, nurses, doctors and chemists that handle samples in laboratories.

Dr. Linda Muñoz, head of the Liver Unit, commented that there is a lack of information in Mexico about hepatitis. Lastly, she also said that people need to be aware of it and face the reality of this disease being a problem in the country, and whithout realising, some of us could be symptom-free carriers of the virus”.

Irene Mijares, from the Asociacion Regiomontana de Hepatitis C, A. C., said that the World Health Organization plans to reduce approximately 90% of the cases of Hepatitis C by 2030. Until they get down the mortality rate by 65% on a global scale.

Hepatitis in Mexico

According to Dr. Muñoz, cirrhosis is one of the leading causes of death in Mexico, that is why the forum focused on viral hepatitis and the chronic effects it has. Other topics covered, were children with hepatitis, its treatment, and hepatic transplants.

Transplant coordination unit and DONAR A.C. association were also invited to the forum.

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Posted by: Department of Press