UANL monitors economic progress in Nuevo Leon

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon is committed to becoming a trusted regional resource through its Observatory of Competitiveness and Business Development.

Researchers from the UANL School of Accounting and Business Management have adeptly addressed the question of how to make optimal decisions that foster the growth of small and medium-sized companies.

In 2018, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development highlighted the significant role of digital platforms and databases in enhancing regional business competitiveness and development. In response to this recognition, professors at Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon started the creation of the Observatory of Competitiveness and Business Development.

Elias Alvarado Lagunas, the leader of the observatory, explained how the academic team he leads, known as “Desarrollo Empresarial, Regional y Sustentable” (Business, Regional, and Sustainable Development), has been actively involved in both contributing to and creating the platform. They have also integrated their studies and analyses into this platform.

The observatory, under the leadership of Elías Alvarado Lagunas, is dedicated to the analysis, ongoing monitoring, and comprehension of competitiveness and business development. Its particular focus lies in the State of Nuevo León, with additional attention to selected regions across the country.

Elías Alvarado Lagunas
Head of the Observatory 

We extract valuable information from primary and secondary sources, including reputable institutions like INEGI, CONEVAL, and CONAPO, and skillfully transform this data into dynamic, user-friendly dashboards. These dashboards serve as valuable resources for companies, universities, and government entities alike.

This project engages researchers from both public and private universities across the country, alongside graduate students.

The observatory incorporates various elements, such as geospatial analysis of robberies targeting micro-businesses in the metropolitan area of Monterrey. Within these dynamic dashboards, entrepreneurs, government entities, companies, and students can easily locate georeferenced economic units that have experienced theft at specific points in time. This data spans from 2016 to the present day, as explained by the SNI Level I researcher.

The Observatory provides a comprehensive array of analyses, studies, reports, indicators, and variables, spanning both microeconomic and macroeconomic aspects. These resources cover emerging trends in competitiveness and business development within the region.

This digital platform is designed to engage a broad audience, encompassing students, scholars, professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs, micro-business proprietors, and small to medium-sized enterprises, among other groups.

Alvarado Lagunas emphasized, “With the right indicators, metrics, and variables in place, we can conduct long-term assessments of the effectiveness of the public policy strategies that have been implemented, determining their true impact and whether they are yielding positive results.”

Eager to explore the observatory further?

You can do so by visiting its website at This online platform offers free access to a wealth of downloadable information.

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