UANL Leads in RoboCup23

With a rescue robot designed to navigate on uneven terrain, students from Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon won first place for Mexico in the Rescue Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge category at the Robocup 2023.

Six students from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon took first place in the international robotics tournament Robocup 2023, in the Rescue Rapidly Manufactured Robot Challenge category, which in this edition was held from July 4 to 10 in Bordeaux, France.

The Mexican team won the finals against competitors from Australia and Slovenia with Stormbreaker, a rescue robot designed to navigate uneven terrain that simulates a natural disaster.

CR-AESIR team is formed by Odin Francisco Haro Valdes, Julio Cesar Puente Reynoso, Jose Fernando Villegas Jacobo, Abraham de Jesus Maldonado Mata, Jesus Villarreal Salazar, Moises Eduardo Rivera Flores, and mentors Erick Sanchez Flores and Hector Barba Hernandez who come from the UANL’s Center for Research and Development in Bilingual Education (CIDEB).

The robot’s mission is to demonstrate its ability to move in multiple terrains emulating a natural disaster, manipulate objects pretending to help the injured and demonstrate that it is an intelligent robot using multiple sensors to assess the environment.

The competition consisted of three stages: two preliminary trials in which the three countries that participated in the final were selected. The representative of CIDEB-UANL Mexico managed to qualify along with the SART team from Australia and MRT from Slovenia.

UANL participates in four projects
After competing nationally, a process that took place on April 27 in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, four UANL projects won the pass to represent Mexico in the Robocup, the largest robotics competition in the world.

This 2023 edition was hosted by L’Université de Bordeaux, with the participation of 2,500 competitors from 45 countries, who presented around 2,000 robots in different categories.

Along with the CIDEB team, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon’s delegation also competed in the Rescue Maze, Rescue Line, and Onstage categories, with teams from Preparatoria 20, the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and Preparatoria 7, respectively.

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