UANL-Huawei partnership boosts Mexico’s ICT sector

The signing of the agreement will establish the Huawei ICT Academy UANL-FACPYA, creating valuable opportunities for students to acquire Huawei certifications and benefit the student community.

The UANL School of Accounting and Business Management, in partnership with Huawei’s academic department, has announced the signing of an agreement that will grant students access to training and certification in Huawei’s technology.

This agreement is designed to foster the growth of the domestic information and communications technology industry by providing specialized training for professionals in key areas such as artificial intelligence, smart cities, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, 5G, and mobile applications.

Huawei Certifications

Over the years, UANL and FACPYA have built a strong reputation for promoting higher education and demonstrating unwavering commitment to learning. The signing of this agreement will lead to the establishment of the Huawei ICT Academy UANL-FACPYA, extending valuable opportunities to the entire student community for obtaining Huawei certifications.

Currently, FACPYA boasts an extensive student body of over 22,000 students. Thanks to this strategic partnership with the Chinese multinational technology company, these students will now have the chance to acquire international degree certifications, significantly enhancing their academic credentials and graduate profiles.

Posted by: Portal Web UANL