UANL expert calls for earlier diabetes detection for a better treatment of the disease

University works daily to provide information about diabetes.

Raul Valeriano Enriquez Noyola, a medical specialist of the UANL Medical Services, informed that the University works daily to provide information about diabetes so that the university community and the broader public know how to prevent it and what are the risk factors of this disease.

Today’s lifestyle as a result of stress, sedentary work schedules, lack of physical activity, anxiety, and eating at odd hours has meant that the average age at which people worldwide are getting screened for diabetes has gone from 45 to 35 years old.

This situation is explained, according to a study by the Pan American Health Organization, by the fact that the number of diabetic patients has tripled in the last thirty years and it is expected that by 2040 there will be 109 million people suffering from this silent disease.

“UANL is working to educate everyone by providing information for the prevention of this disease through different channels. We are talking about physical activities, raising awareness in schools and colleges, and everything that can be done in terms of information for the benefit of society”.

Raul Valeriano Enríquez Noyola
UANL Medical Services Physician.

Enriquez Noyola indicated that they are in stage 1 of a diagnostic program with UANL High School 7, the result of which will be a program of activities and recommendations for their staff in accordance with the information provided by that institution.

He also stated that for this year 2022, during International Diabetes Day, UANL is working under the slogan “Education to preserve the future” since it is precisely this concept that will be reinforced to encourage patients to seek early diagnosis of this disease.

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