Silver award for Rainwater Recovery Prototype

The rainwater reuse project by High School 3 students earned them third place in the 32nd Concurso Nacional de Aparatos y Experimentos de Física, in Zapopan, Jalisco.

Rossi Vázquez, David Orlando Castillo Martínez, and Brandon Barrientos Garza from the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon won the silver medal in the 32nd Concurso Nacional de Aparatos y Experimentos de Física (National Physics Apparatus and Experiments Contest) with their PRO-HOME project.

This academic and scientific work aimed to enhance and apply existing technologies in renewable energy-related areas.

The developed prototype is a rainwater recovery system for home use, impacting essential areas like showers, toilets, and sinks.

“The project received a silver medal in the technological device category and addressed the national competition’s required modules, including water purification, algae energy generation, and wind turbine integration, all aligned with the United Nations Organization’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.”
José Heriberto Vélez Garza
Professor at UANL Highschool 3

Meritorious mention

UANL High School 3 is participating in the National Physics Apparatus and Experiments Contest for the second time.

Joining the trip for this edition were recent graduates Arturo Escalera Elizondo and Johana Urízar García, along with current student Jared Alejandro Fuentes Morales, who received an honorable mention in the experiment category.

The project emerged in response to Nuevo León’s recent drought problem. However, it posed challenges in researching how to make the captured water drinkable.

Posted by: Portal Web UANL