Santos Guzmán unveils UANL 2023 annual report

At a Solemn Ceremony convened by the University Senate, the President of Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon presented his second report on activities to the University community and the wider society.

“After two years of this administration, we stand proud as a university community. This report confirms that UANL’s core activities have consistently aligned with the priority programs outlined in our Institutional Development Plan”.

UANL President Santos Guzmán Lopez shared this statement after delivering his second report on activities on October 31 at the University Theater on Campus Mederos.

“Numbers and indicators hold true value when they translate into the actual fulfillment of dreams and the attainment of university degrees that empower our youth to reach their goals,” stated the President.

“Nine decades since its establishment, the University stands as a source of pride for the people of Northern Mexico. Our graduates are renowned for driving the transformations that have solidified Nuevo Leon as the nation’s economic powerhouse, while also propelling it to the forefront in sports and culture”.

Santos Guzmán López
UANL President

As of 2023, the University boasts an enrollment of 217,362 students. They are actively participating in a diverse range of educational programs, including 359 bachelor’s, technical, undergraduate, and graduate programs across 29 high schools and 26 colleges.

“Today, we have a remarkable educational institution, a product of a united community’s efforts under the leadership of the President. Through strategic initiatives, program promotion, and project development, we’ve been able to provide for over 217,000 students.”

Daniel Bringas Velasco
UANL Student

Samuel García, the Governor of the State, was also present and shared that the state budget is set to increase from 26% to 40%. This boost in funding is aimed at supporting dual education programs, designed to meet the needs resulting from foreign companies’ investments.

“The University will play a pivotal role in nurturing the companies that come to Nuevo Leon in search of fertile ground for business. Let our University serve as the breeding ground for the finest human capital in all of Latin America, the people of Nuevo Leon.”

Samuel Garcia Sepulveda
Governor of Nuevo Leon

Second annual report

High-Quality Academic Programs

UANL provides a diverse range of 359 educational programs at various levels, including traditional classroom-based, online, and hybrid modalities. This accomplishment is made possible through the operation of 80 campuses strategically distributed across 32 municipalities in the state.

Distinguished Faculty and Outstanding Researchers

The University boasts an academic staff comprising 7,013 professors, with 74 percent of them holding postgraduate degrees and 23 percent possessing doctoral qualifications. It’s worth mentioning that an impressive 98 percent of full-time professors have completed postgraduate studies. Furthermore, 1,381 full-time professors have achieved the prestigious PRODEP Desirable Profile recognition.

Serving and supporting our community

This year, 211,693 scholarships were awarded, ensuring access to educational opportunities. The UANL Foundation also played a role in this mission by offering an additional 5,107 scholarships.

University Rankings

  • 5th position in the Best Universities 2023 Ranking by El Universal.
  • Ranked 67th in the Scimago Research Group Latin America Region.
  • 7th place in the Scimago Research Group national ranking.
  • Secured the 6th spot in The Times Higher Education ranking.

International Connectivity

  • Established 63 national and international academic collaboration agreements.
  • Enrolled 1,264 students in both national and international institutions.
  • Employed 77 professors in institutions nationally and internationally.
  • Boast 275 professors holding international certifications.
  • Organized 61 University events abroad to promote our educational programs.
  • Welcomed 559 students from various national and international institutions to our University.
  • Hosted 33 professors from other national and international institutions at our University.

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