Research at the service of the community

The UANL Research Award 2020 was given to 8 research projects. The Vice President of Research stressed that collaboration in the world during the pandemic reminded us of the importance of science for the global future.

From all that we have learned in this 2020 is that international collaboration and the development of science are essential for humanity. This is equally true for the smaller community and the world at large.

Under this principle, the Vice Presidency of Scientific Research and Tech development announced on September 4 the winners of the UANL  Research Award 2020 in seven areas of knowledge.

Mountain holds new clues about Pangea

Juan Alonso Ramírez from the School of Earth Sciences found a mountainous area that became separated in the breakup of the ancient continent Pangea. It is located very close to Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, and is more than 400 million years old.

Eduardo Alemán, Fernando Velasco, and Uwe Jenchen contributed to the research work which is entitled: Descubrimiento de un orógeno ordovícico sub-andino sepultado bajo la Sierra Madre Oriental, México: tonalita peregrina”

Bio-hydrogen and solar fuels

When two studies have one point or less in the score, a tie is declared. This happened in the area of exact sciences.

On the other hand, Arquímedes Cruz López won with “Evaluación de parámetros que impactan en la generación de bio-hidrógeno durante la co-digestión anaerobia de residuos de frutas y lodos de una planta de tratamiento de agua residual”.

This study is funded by Fondo Sectorial Conacyt-Sener Sustentabilidad Energética, which aims to provide solutions for the recovery of municipal or industrial wastewater, this contributing to the demands of the community.

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