UANL seeks to prevent hepatic diseases

On May 16, as part of the commemoration of the National Hepatic Day, UANL carried out an informative session at Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez University Hospital.

Hepatic Diseases have a high prevalence index, therefore health sector has paid particular attention to it. Cirrhosis is the fourth leading cause of death in the country and sixth in the state.

Liver can be affected for several factors such as viruses, medication, chemical substances, overweight, and excessively alcohol consumption.

Hepatic diseases will continue to increase. Obesity is currently the leading cause of cirrhosis. Furthermore, unbalanced diabetes produces fatty liver, which culminates in hepatic cirrhosis.

In Nuevo Leon, we have more types of diabetes than in the rest of the country, higher rates of obesity, are causing more diabetes diseases, which represents an increased number of patients with liver diseases. Said Dr. Linda Muñoz Espinoza, Head of the Division of Hepatology at ‘’Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez’’ University Hospital.

In commemoration for the National Hepatic Health Day, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and in collaboration with the Division of Hepatology and DONAR association, held some conferences at the Auditorium 2 of the University Hospital. This event addressed important aspects related to hepatic diseases in order to raise awareness about liver diseases.

  • Know your Liver
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Risk behaviours
  • Liver damage in children and adults
  • Life style and Nutrition
  • A Liver Patient’s Guide
  • Natural products and alternative medicine
  • Patients Expirences with hepatic transplant

“Family members and patients must be aware of the implications of this disease. Prevention is the best medicine, and the only way to achieve this is through education”, said Muñoz Espinoza.

Division of Hepatology

The Division of Hepatology of University Hospital receives transferences from the entire country and United States, these are delivered to the specialist in hepatic diseases, who is in charge of liver transplantation, using the most advanced treatments.

The Division of Hepatology will be relocated to Pathology Center where people would find new services such as workshops and educational programs about hepatic diseases in order to promote a culture of organ donation.

“We must foster a new culture of organ donation and people need to know that that when someone dies they can help more than 12 people through organ and tissue donation”.

DONAR association is a group that promotes organ and tissue donation to save lives. This association raise awareness through different activities such as fundraisng and oferring assitance with medical tests and medicines.

“Over 11 years ago I found help through DONAR association. They explained me about the process of organ donation. Nowadays I am enjoying of a high quality of life. If anyone out there is suffering from an hepatic disease, this is the place you must visit”. Said Maria Dolores Cabello, liver transplant receiver and member of DONAR association.

Posted by: Department of Press