Norma Heredia an International Leader in food safety.

The International Association for Food Protection gave the International Leadership Award to the researcher from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL) in recognition of her contributions to food safety.

The association with more than a century of history and headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, United States, honored Dr. Heredia, who is head of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Microorganism Genetics of the School of Biological Sciences of the UANL.

Her mission: To support Mexican agriculture.

In an interview, Dr. Norma Heredia commented that her job is to demonstrate to her national and American peers that Mexican agricultural products have excellent quality standards despite the fact that they are often criticized.

Healthier and tastier chicken wings.

One of the foods most susceptible to contamination, and one of the most consumed, is chicken wings. Dr. Heredia and her team elaborated a dressing that controls pathogens and also gives a better flavor to that dish.

The microorganism called Campylobacter is used. It is inoculated into the chicken wings and extracts of oregano and citrus are added, which in the analysis have shown interesting results of protection and control of other pathogens.

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