Ivet Perez takes home UANL Arts Award 2023

For 30 years, Ivet Perez has kept her voice and talent on stage.

Sundays were dedicated to music at home. Thanks to an annual magazine subscription, she received a curated selection of music from various parts of the world.

Originally from Sonora, Ivet Pérez pursued her passion for music, studying piano and nurturing her love for singing. Despite knowing from a young age that music was her true passion, fear led her to choose psychology as a formal career instead of pursuing music academically at UANL.

Yet, the flame of music never extinguished within her. Even as she studied and worked as a psychologist, she felt a persistent attraction to music. It was on the final day of her university career that she enrolled in the Escuela Superior de Música y Danza.

Emotional resonance in singing

For a singer, interpretation is a profound recreation of a musical piece. Beyond the commitment to remain faithful to the original composer’s intent, the interpreter adds a personal touch by infusing the performance with their spiritual essence. This transformative process turns the music into a metaphysical energy, enabling it to convey emotions on a profound level.

“In the realm of opera, its potency lies not only in the musical expression it carries but also in the richness of its verbal message. It encompasses poetry and emotions conveyed through words, making it a profoundly impactful art form. Opera possesses a strength akin to prayer, as the saying goes, ‘those who sing pray twice.’ Engaging in this art form has been a personal journey for me, helping me confront and overcome fears, especially given the challenging nature of an activity that demands resilience in the face of potential frustration.”
Ivet Pérez

A Boost to confidence

Ivet Pérez found receiving the UANL Arts Award to be a motivating factor to further her contributions to the opera scene. She regards it as the most significant recognition she has received in her career.

Posted by: Portal Web UANL