Hybrid learning is now a reality.

“Welcome. This is a historic day because Covid-19 has come to stay," said Rogelio Garza Rivera, President of the UANL, to the students who attended classes on October 4, 2021”.

Garza Rivera welcomed a dozen of the 24,000 UANL students who voluntarily requested to attend one of the 918 classrooms in the hybrid model at the University’s medical area.

The tour began at the School of Public Health and Nutrition (FASPYN). The authorities explained that UANL had been prepared to restart classes in the hybrid model since August, but they heeded recommendations made by the Special Commission for the Prevention and Attention of Covid-19.

Afterward, they visited the School of Dentistry, at the Dental Simulator Laboratory. Dr. Casiano del Ángel Mosqueda was conducting the Dental Anatomy class for the eight students who were present. Students were also working with a virtual 3D modeling program.

Posted by: Portal Web