UANL introduces the Digital Degree Certificate

This Digital Certificate developed by UANL using the Blockchain platform will improve the security of university degrees and will boast national and international accreditations of approved academic programs

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon became a national and international benchmark in the implementation of the “UANL Digital Degree Certificate 1.0”.

This process allows UANL graduates to process their university degree remotely, making the procedure more flexible while providing a better service.

“We created the concept and the context, and today the University is in first place worldwide for this platform and system. We will not forget the traditional certificate, because it has a sentimental value for the graduate, but the digital certificate will also bring us security and peace of mind,” said Lazaro Vargas Guerra head of the Office of the Registrar.

Another project for 2021 contemplates doing the same with the student ID card, in addition,  not only the degree certificate but also an academic transcript would be processed in the same way.

Digital degree will be certified.

UANL Digital Degree certificate will have the national and international certifications of the academic programs that were approved by their respective evaluation bodies.

Posted by: Prensa UANL