Elsa Cross is granted with Alfonso Reyes International Award 2023

The poet, translator, and essayist, born in Mexico City in 1946, received the award in recognition of her distinguished career in the humanities.

Elsa Cross received the 2023 Alfonso Reyes International Award in recognition of her significant contributions to poetry, essays, translations, teaching, and research.

According to the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), the jury, consisting of Malva Flores, Víctor Barrera Enderle, and Bernardo Ruiz, unanimously found that Cross’s work aligns with the themes and interests of ‘El Regiomontano Universal”.

In response, the author expressed her gratitude and emotion, stating, ‘It is a tremendous honor for me, as I hold great admiration for Alfonso Reyes. I would have liked to read more of his work, but it’s extensive. What I’ve read has been a constant lesson in essay writing, characterized by rigor, depth, and a magnificent style.

The Alfonso Reyes International Award was established upon the recommendation of literary critic Francisco Zendejas to pay tribute to ‘The Universal Regiomontano’.

I had very infrequent encounters with Octavio Paz; I always appreciated his generosity in reading an unpublished book of mine, to which he made only one correction, and that was crucial for me,” she recalled.

The Alfonso Reyes International Award 2023 will be presented at the Capilla Alfonsina University Library of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León on November 21.

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