217,000 UANL students embrace a new beginning

UANL President Santos Guzman has announced the introduction of seven new academic programs spanning bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and specialization degrees at the University.

Although the University itself is 90 years old, it was the School of Law and Criminology that laid its foundation with the establishment of its first professorship 200 years ago. In our quest for celebration, we find the most meaningful way through dedicated work—providing our students with essential tools, robust teacher training, and everything necessary to shape them into outstanding professionals,” stated UANL President Santos Guzman Lopez.

In a symbolic ceremony led by Guzman Lopez, the commencement of the January-June 2024 semester at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon took place in classroom 105 of the UANL School of Law.

At the outset of the current semester, UANL boasts a record enrollment of just over 217 thousand students, complemented by an expanded academic repertoire. This includes the introduction of the Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Master’s Degree in Gender Studies and Sexual Diversity and Inclusion, a collaborative double-degree program with the University of Salamanca, and specialized offerings such as Logistics and Supply Chain, Electromobility, Quality of Clinical Care, Pediatric Neurosurgery, and the Doctorate in Thermal and Renewable Energies.

UANL social commitment: coverage and scholarships

UANL currently provides academic programs at three levels of study: high school, undergraduate, and graduate. It caters to the student population through 26 colleges and 29 high schools.

To broaden its reach, the Maximum Academic institution in the State is actively planning and constructing Academic Units. These efforts aim to create additional spaces in various municipalities across the State.

“We are committed to a robust scholarship program, with 60 percent of our university students currently benefiting from various levels of financial support. As of last Friday, we have awarded over 104 thousand scholarships, amounting to nearly 200 million pesos per semester. This significant investment ensures that no young person is denied education due to financial constraints.”

Santos Guzman Lopez

Knowledge evolution: unveiling academic additions for January-June 2024

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (UANL School of Accounting and Business Management)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain and Electromobility (UANL School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)
  • Quality of Clinical Care and Pediatric Neurosurgery (UANL School of Medicine)
  • Master’s Degree in Gender Studies and Sexual Diversity, dual degree program with the University of Salamanca (UANL School of Law and Criminology)
  • PhD. in Thermal and Renewable Energies (UANL School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering)

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