XXIV UANL Symposium | Fattening in the feedlot

Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, in collaboration with the Schools of Agronomy, the School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as the Center for Research in Agricultural Production, extends an invitation. The main purpose of this symposium is to provide a valuable opportunity for training and updating on fundamental topics related to meat production.

This event is designed to meet a wide audience’s needs, including producers, consultants, students, professors, and researchers. We want to offer an enriching and collaborative learning space where each participant can acquire relevant knowledge and share experiences in a first-class academic and professional environment.


Dr. Galen Erickson
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. T.G. Nagaraja
Kansas State University

Dr. Christopher Lu
University of Hawaii-Hilo

Dr. Kim Stanford
University of Lethbridge

Dr. Andy Cole
Research Animal Nutritionist (Retired)

Dr. Christopher Gambino
The Breakthrough Institute

Dr. James MacDonald
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr. Jorge Tortora

MVZ. Mtro. Jesús Guzmán
Experto en BPP’s

Dr. Christian Ponce

Dr. José González Salinas

October 3 and 4, 2023
Teatro Universitario UANL

Starting on September 1st:
Producers/Professionals: $1,900.00 MXN
Students: $350.00 MXN

Posted by: Centro de Investigación en Producción Agropecuaria UANL