UANL Cancer Prevention Center.

The UANL Cancel Prevention Center offers advice from specialists in oncology, clinical genetics, nutrition, physical activity, and psycho-oncology.

The center carries out a 12-week oncology-integral program among workers of the Oncology Service of the University Hospital.

In Mexico, one of the main problems related to cancer is that it is diagnosed in advanced stages where cure and recovery rates are often compromised.

Risk factors include overweight, obesity, diabetes, alcohol, and tobacco consumption, among others, which may be associated with up to 12 different types of cancerous tumors.


This clinic is located at the UANL Cancer Prevention Center, where patients can come for a consultation without any symptoms and undergo an initial evaluation to detect risk factors for possible cancer conditions, including genetics”.
David Hernández Barajas

Coordinator of the UANL Hospital’s Oncology Service “Dr. José Eleuterio González”.


The figures of this clinic located at the UANL Cancer Prevention Center show that before the pandemic, around 1,300 people a year were treated, while in 2021 only 250 patients have been evaluated for different types of cancer, such as colon, breast, and lung cancer, among others.

 If you are interested in having an evaluation at the UANL Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Center, please call (81) 8333-3488 ext. 2100 and 2120.

Posted by: Prensa UANL