UANL Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Receives International Accreditation


GRANA Agency granted international accreditation for UANL Bachelor's Degree in Nursing in recognition of its educational quality.

After fifty years of its founding, UANL bachelor`s degree in Nursing confirms its leadership not only at a national but also at international level.

This was evidenced on February 16, by being granted with the international accreditation of the Generation of Resources for Accreditation in Nations of America (GRANA) and the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (OUI).

General Director of GRANA Donato Vallin Gonzalez gave an official certificate to UANL President Rogelio Garza Rivera. This official document confirms accreditation for five years of the UANL Bachelor's Degree in Nursing.

"This academic program is under way to more closely align the standards with the College of Nursing, in New York, which is now supporting the state of Qater, and that is the important part of the educational process, to see what others are saying out there," mentioned Vallin Gonzalez.

More than 1,800 students will benefit from this accreditation. Besides that, educational quality was confirmed since this academic program has fulfilled 260 quantitative and qualitative indicators out of 10 categories of the overall accreditation system.

"In other words, this accreditation help us strengthen ties of cooperation between universities around the globe, so our students benefit from academic exchanges," Rogelio Garza Rivera mentioned.

As a final result of this accreditation, it was highlighted the appropriate profile of professors, educational model, degree profile with specific nursing competences such as research, management, and leadership.

"This program will continue strengthening the contributions from professionals to society and the consolidation of our field as an applied science that systematically seeks to generate knowledge. It will be the basis of nursing social practice and specially of patient care," Dean of the School of Nursing Maria Diana Ruvalcaba Rodriguez expressed.

Dean Maria Ruvalcaba emphasized that the school has three academic groups leading the nursing area in Mexico and fifteen professors who are members of the National Researcher System. Furthermore, the school has increased 200 percent the number of admitted students during the last three years.

"Such educational quality is now confirmed before society and the state. Our undergraduate degree program has been a national touchstone of successful professional graduates in nursing."

"Moreover, we have also received international acknowledgement from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and the United States," Ruvalcaba Rodriguez added.

By: Eduardo Rodriguez Palacios
Date: Febrero 16, 2018
Photography: Jose Luis Macias Nicanor