UANL Leads Ear Disease Diagnosis


As part of the International Deaf Day celebrated on September 28, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon presents its University Center for Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery.

The UANL University Center for Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery is one of the most complete medical facilities for ear diseases in Mexico.

It offers human resources and cutting-edge technological infrastructure that enable early hearing loss detection at any age, as well as nose and neck problems.

"Currently, we have the latest technological equipment and the best otolaryngology specialists. Moreover, we own portable equipment that let us go to other places to diagnose patients," Jose Luis Treviño Gonzalez, Head of the University Center for Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, stated.

Audiometry for adults and children, tympanometry, electronystagmography, a speech and voice therapy area, auditory evoked potentials, an otoacoustic emission area, and a high frequency audiometer are among its technological equipment.

Located at the 'Dr. Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez' University Hospital, this medical center provides otology specialists, nose and paranasal sinuses surgeons, neck surgeons for tumor and cancer control, and geriatric otolaryngologists.

"We are one of the best hospitals in northern Mexico and the entire country. No other institution has medical experts and technological equipment, all in one place, like us. In addition to treating hearing problems, we also diagnose nose and neck diseases. We are highly competent in terms of otolaryngology," Treviño Gonzalez emphasized, who is also chief of otolaryngology.

According to this UANL center’s statistics, about 16,000 patients with hearing, nose, and neck problems are treated every year.

If you are interested in receiving medical examination on your ears, nose or neck, please contact the University Center at 8347-3615, 8333-2917, and 8333-4299.

By: Eduardo Rodriguez Palacios
Date: September 28, 2017
Photography: Marijose Cabello Rodriguez and Cesira Alvarado Zapata