UANL Will Educate Future Environmental Engineers


Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon admitted the first class of the environmental engineering degree. 86 students have been enrolled in this dual degree program with the collaboration of a renowned French institute.

In order to educate experts of sustainable process development, UANL opened its bachelor degree in environmental engineering at the School of Chemistry.

"The implementation of this academic program shows our commitment to improve life quality, providing our community with professionals who will be capable of assessing environmental impacts and proposing solutions to pollution and environmental degradation," UANL President Rogelio Garza Rivera stated.

Over 18 thousand companies in the metropolitan area of Monterrey release pollutants that affect our soil, air, and water.

In 2022, the first class of environmental engineers will be graduating to face challenges such as pollution, natural phenomena, scarcity, water treatment, ecosystem loss, and biodiversity, among others.

"You will learn how to solve the damages and environmental degradation we have caused in this great city. We need you," Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, Governor of Nuevo Leon, said.

The undergraduate degree in environmental engineering comprises topics of atmospheric processes, environmental analytical chemistry, green engineering, ecology and natural resources, soil remediation, air pollution monitoring, sewage treatment, environmental process control, ecological footprint, and environmental economics.

Graduates will be able to work in the fields of energy, mining, industrial safety, petrochemistry, auto industry, environmental consulting, government, and services, among others.


Dual Degree Program with France

These studies will be also offered as a dual degree program with the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) of Lyon, available for students with merit performance, who will carry out four of the ten semesters in France, obtaining a degree certificate by both schools and increasing their job opportunities in Europe.

"With our education, students will access international markets," Assistant Academic Director Felipe Cerino Cordova expressed.

This accord is part of the framework agreement signed on June 20th between UANL and the INSA Lyon.


An Advisory Board Is Established

On August 7th, the School of Chemistry hosted the establishment of an Advisory Board that will help develop and update the academic program in environmental engineering.

Consisting of ten experts, the Advisory Board will design and promote scientific and technological activities, collegial workshops, and seminars, among other activities for boosting the social responsibility of the degree program.

The Advisory Board includes public servants, business people, non-profit organization members, and intermediate entities.


Advisory Board of the Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Program

  • Ing. Julio Alonso Martinez Barajas, Service Manager at CAINTRA Nuevo Leon’s Institute of Environmental Protection.
  • Ing. Sergio Daniel de la Fuente Valdez, Superintendent at Medio Ambiente, Seguridad y Salud de Zinc Nacional, S.A.
  • M.C Jeronimo Godinez Gonzalez, Director of Hidroambiental de Monterrey, S.A. de C.V.
  • Q.B.P. Rogelio Loera Gallardo, Deputy Assistant of Environmental Audit at PROFEPA Nuevo Leon.
  • Ing. Armandina Valdez Cavazos, Director of Air Quality Management at the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Nuevo Leon.
  • Dr. Felipe de Jesus Cerino Cordova, Assistant Academic Director of Environmental Engineering.
  • Dr. Eduardo Soto Regalado, Dean of the School of Chemistry.
  • Ing. Roberto Russildi Montellano, Minister of Sustainable Development of Nuevo Leon.
  • Mtro. Rogelio Garza Rivera, President of Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon.
  • Ing. Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, Governor of Nuevo Leon.

By: Blanca Medina Viezca
Date: August 7, 2017
Photography: Jose Luis Macias Nicanor