UANL Meets with the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations


Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon received the Board of Directors of the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations in their first visit to Mexico.


The Board of Directors of the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations held their first meeting in Mexico.
From February 28 to March 3, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and the Mexican College of Dietitians hosted the meeting to discuss the progress of the ICDA’s strategic plan that aims at establishing international quality standards in the educational development of dietitians.
“The advantage of these meetings is to visualize the educational approaches of this profession in different countries and share our experiences so that we can achieve high quality standards in nutrition education.
“We want to work together to raise awareness on people about nutritionists and for the school to meet the society expectations” Elizabeth Solis Perez explained. 
The purpose of the visit was to share experiences with some institutions, such as the Maximum Academic Institution, about how do to they train better graduates. 
ICDA gather 160 thousand members of 50 countries of the world. The members of the board of ICDA are: Japan, United Kingdom, Spain, India, United States, Canada and Mexico. Solis Perez, who has been a member since 2016, represents the board of ICDA in Mexico. 
Since 1950, ICDA has contributed in the development of international standards of good practices; also study the work and education of dietician and nutritionists in the world, finally, promotes knowledge sharing and professional perspective. “The main idea is make known the importance that a nutritionist has on people`s lives”, said Elizabeth Solis. 

UANL will collaborate in pilot programme with ICDA
In order to recognize the excellence of nutrition and dietetics programs in an international level, ICDA will implement a pilot programme in the nutrition degree. The director of governing board’s ICDA Marsha Sharp said that the Maximum Academic Institution is recognized because of its Education Quality on nutrition degrees; both institutions are looking forward to work in future projects.
“One of the new programs under development is the international accreditation of the nutrition programme of the university”
“Our aim is to create new opportunities for our students to study or work abroad “said Elizabeth Solís.
Board of Directors ICDA
1. Tatsushi Komatsu (Japan)
2. Carole Middleton (United Kingdom)
3. Giuseppe Russolillo (Spain)
4. Elizabeth Solís (Mexico)
5. Sheela Krishnaswamy (India)
6. Judith Rodriguez (United States)
7. Marsha Sharp (Canada)
By: Blanca Medina Viezca
Date: March 3rd, 2017
Photo: Daniel Zamora Aguilar