UANL stands out for Innovation and Quality of educational services


The Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon was acknowledged with the Management Improvement Award 2015 - 2016 granted by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP, by its acronym in Spanish.). The Maximum Academic Institution also received nine accolades in the three categories of administrative, educational and social management, respectively.


Mexico City.- The Ministry of Public Education granted the Management Improvement Award 2015 -2016 to the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon.
The ceremony was held on December 5, at the auditorium “Miguel Hidalgo” where the UANL President Rogelio Garza Rivera received the award of first place.
Special mention was made to the Department Student Records, the Department of Scholarships, and the Department of Upper Intermediate Studies.
The purpose of the Management Improvement Award is to emphasize the contributions to the improvement of educational services, as the implementation of strategies that emphasizes the efficiency and effectiveness in the management of public resources.
UANL Department of Student Records reaffirms its compromise with the quality and innovation of the services. The head of the department, Lazaro Vargas Guerra and his team, added six awards during 2015-2016, four of them were of first place and two in second place. 
During 2015 the university obtained two first places in the category of Administrative Management due to the systematized registration for graduate freshmen, and a new system for UANL academic certification. 
The new system of electronic document protection was also mentioned; just as the quality management system that has been previously rewarded.
Arnoldo Tellez Lopez head of the Department of Scholarships received in 2015 two accolades for social management as a result of their socioeconomic studies and systematized processes. 
The Department of Upper Intermediate Studies was awarded with the third place in educational Management Improvement category for its successful monitoring of the academic skills of high school students.
Management Improvement Award
Department of Student Records
Category 1. - Administrative Management Improvement
Subcategory 1C) Undergraduate and Graduate Levels
• First place: Systematized Registration for UANL Graduate Freshmen
Subcategory 1E. - Management Models Applicable for Accreditation or Certification
• First place: Evolving System for UANL Academic Certificates 
• Second place: Quality Management System of the UANL Department of Student Records
Department of Scholarships
Category 1. - Social Management Improvement
Subcategory 1B) Social Responsibility
• Second place: Socioeconomic Study: a Tool for Comprehensive Development
Category 5.- Continuous improvement
• First place: Systematized Registration of Scholarships. 
UANL Department of Student Records
Category 1. - Administrative Management Improvement
Subcategory 1D) Centralized administrative departments, decentralized agencies, as well as Ministries of Education or equivalents to federative entities.
• First place: Electronic protection of documents issued by the Department of Students Records
• Second place: Photography Services for the Department of Students Records
Category 5. – Continuous Improvement 
• First place: Quality Management System of the UANL Department of Student Records.
UANL Department of Upper Intermediate Studies 
Category 1.- Educational Management Improvement
Subcategory 2B) Psycho-pedagogy
• Third place: Integral System of Academic Monitoring by Competency – based academic programs
By: Press Edition 
Date: December 5, 2016 
Photography: Efrain Aldama Villa