Requirements for 2015-2016 Financial Aids (Grants)



1. Fill out, print and bring the application form. Go to
2. Fill out and print SUBES registration form.
3. Copy of the student’s birth certificate.
4. Copy of the student’s proof of residence: water, electricity, telephone or gas bill, it should not be older than 3 months.
5. Copy of Personal Number (CURP)
6. Tuition and fees proof of payment.
7. Copy of Official Academic Transcript sealed by the academic institution. Freshmen should submit copy of Certified and Complete Academic transcript of High School.
8. Students older than 18 years old must bring copy of their government issued ID card or valid passport. Minors must include copy of their student ID.
9. Proof of income for all economically active members of the family living in the same household, it should not be older than 3 months. The following are considered as valid proof:

  • Income Letter; submit an income letter for each economically active member of the family.
  • In case of working on commission or by piecework agreement, must brought the last four paystubs.
  • If you own your business, submit Letterhead stationery including the employee’s name, occupation, length of employment and monthly income, as well as the name, position and signature of his/her immediate boss or signature from the department of human resources.
  • Recent pension receipts (in case of pension process, bring application or resolution valid up to 2007), pension report, a letter issued by the bank or insurance company mentioning that the person is retired and his/her monthly income.
  • Account Statements and tickets won’t be considered as valid proof of income.

10. A Certificate of Studies must be included if household is composed by students older than 21 years old (only siblings).
11. For those who are members of “PROSPERA” aid program, must include copy of an official document.
12. Pregnant students must submit a medical report.
13. Students who are married must submit children’s birth certificates if applicable and marriage certificate.
14. In case of parental separation, a letter issued by an assistant judge is required; it must mention the situation and the existence or absence of child support.
15. In case of unemployment, a letter must be included, mentioning last job and leaving date and social insurance number.
16. Students that were born outside the State of Nuevo Leon, must submit an official socioeconomic study issued by local Family Development Center (DIF) mentioning details about economy, health and housing conditions. It should be not older than 6 months.
17. If you wish to apply for Travel grants, please go to:
18. If applicable, submit request of application for university transportation grant.


Notice: All documents must be ordered according to the list above. Please, be sure that you submit all your documents. There is not out of time procedures.