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Registration for Traditional High School Applicants

Allocation of Spaces in the Upper Intermediate Education for Traditional High School

The Public School Committee of upper intermediate education in the State of Nuevo Leon, according to the consolidation plan of upper intermediate education, on the basis of Article 24 section V, in a joint project with the academic institutions mentioned below:

Colegio de Estudios Cientificos y Tecnologicos
Escuela Preparatoria Tecnica 'General Emiliano Zapata' 
Direccion General de Educacion Tecnologica Agropecuaria
Direccion General de Educacion Tecnologica Industrial
Colegio Nacional de Educacion Profesional Tecnica
Centro de Educacion Artistica Alfonso Reyes
Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon
Secretaria de Educacion del Estado de Nuevo Leon


Anyone interested in undertaking upper intermediate education studies (High School or Technical programs) in any of UANL schools that offer the traditional system to participate in the allocation of spaces of upper intermediate education in the state of Nuevo Leon in 2016, which shall be subject to the following:


The Applicants of the State of Nuevo Leon will receive a booklet at school that contains the following information:
A) Announcement with instructions and requirements to participate.
B) Directory of participating schools, order by municipality and area of knowledge.
C) Registration form where the applicant must enter personal data.
D) Applicants who have completed junior high school before or studying outside the State may consult the information published online or go to the administrative offices of the school of your interest.
E) If more information is required, please contact: the participating school he/she selected or to the Information Desk of the UANL Department of Assessment Center, Ciudad Universitaria, San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon.

A) The applicant must:
a) Be enrolled on the third year of junior high school and have passed all his/her subjects from the first and second year. If the applicant has already graduated, he/she must have the Junior High School Certificate.
b) Have the official Personal Number (CURP) or his/her passport number if the applicant is of foreign nationality.
c) Fill out and submit the registration application form.
d) Pay the corresponding fee of $485 MXN.
e) Select the high school of preference from the participating school directory.
B) The official period for registration will begin at 13:00 on April 12 and finish on June 2, 2016.

During the official period for registration and taking into account the requirements, the applicant must:
A) Access the website where the official invitation of the event is published and select the test registration link.
B) Provide basic information in order to generate and print his/her pre-registration form.
C) Pay for the test at the bank specified on his/her pre-registration form. This will give him/her the right to take the test.
D) After making the payment, he/she will receive at the school of registration support material and the Test Guide with the list of topics he/she will study for the test, together with general instructions. The Test Guide can be downloaded from Internet as well.
E) Access the website on the pre-registration form with his/her registration number and password to enter the information requested to complete the personal information survey and the list of selected high schools.
F) Print the registration confirmation form from the abovementioned site.
G) Go to the school of registration to attend the appointment mentioned in his/her registration confirmation form in order to have his/her photo taken and receive the test confirmation form as well as support material. The applicant must bring:
a) The registration confirmation form.
b) Proof of payment.
c) The registration application form, which can be downloaded from Internet. The form must be printed clearly with pen, have a recent photo of the applicant, and be signed by the applicant and guardian.

A) It will be on Saturday June 11, 2016, according to the test confirmation form.
B) The applicant must be on time at the indicated hour and the corresponding classroom, bringing the test confirmation form and pencils number 2-1/2.
C) The test, which is in a multiple-choice format, consists of 228 questions that evaluate skills (verbal and numerical) and basic knowledge on the study plan and official curriculum of Junior High School.
D) Under no circumstances the test will be held in a different place or at a different hour.

A) Applicants will be assigned to the schools of their choice according to the following procedure:
a) Lists will be made with the name of the applicants that selected the same school as first option.
b) The names of the applicants will be listed according to the test score.
c) All applicants will be accepted into the selected institution when the demand is less or equal than the school capacity.
d) Preference will be given to applicants with the highest scores whenever the demand is greater than the school capacity.
e) A list in descending order will be made with the name of the applicants that were not accepted into the school of their choice for assigning them to another institution according to the order in their list of selected high schools.
f) Applicants who were not accepted into any of their selected high schools must go to the UANL Department of Assessment Center where they will be relocated in any of the schools available.

A) Results will be published at the school where the applicant took the test on July 8, 2016.
B) Applicants will receive an allocation certificate to confirm their enrollment at the assigned high school during the period indicated on the certificate.
C) When a space is not confirmed in the participating schools, it will be available for other students at the Information Desk of the UANL Department of Assessment Center.

A) In order to be registered in one of the UANL High Schools participating in this event, the applicant must:
a) Have his/her Junior High School Certificate.
b) Meet the school requirements.
B) The complete information about the enrollment will be provided by the school assigned to the applicant.

A) What is established herein is the only way to be admitted to any of the participating high schools that resume academic activities in August, 2016.
B) Applicants who participate in any illegal activity, contrary to any provision established herein, will be immediately dropped.
C) Anything not contemplated herein will be determined by the Public School Committee of Upper Intermediate Education in Nuevo Leon.

Link Section

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Test Registration Link. This link will be available only during the official period for registration according to the official invitation. Applicants must access this link to begin his/her pre-registration.

Data Entry Link. This link will be available only during the official period for registration according to the official invitation. Applicants must access this link to fill out the Personal Information survey, select the high schools of his/her preference, and print the Registration Confirmation Form.

Information and Support

Information Desk of the UANL Department of Assessment Center
Ciudad Universitaria, San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Opening hours: from 08:00 to 15:00 hours, Monday – Friday.

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Notice: All courses are offered in Spanish; our bilingual high school program offers some courses in English. Check English course availability at the UANL high school of your preference.