During 80 years, our Maximum Academic Institution has lived very important experiences that have helped in the development of scientific work; many events have allowed our University to be an institution recognized by the quality of its research and the importance of some of its research lines, since the creation –in 1943– of the Scientific Research Institute led by Dr. Aguirre Pequeno, until January, 1997, when the Research Department was found. In July 2009, the Research Department changed its name into Department of Research, Innovation and Technological Development. In 2010 it changed its name once again to be the Department of Research.
To promote and encourage the technological and scientific research related to human resources and the graduate programs so that UANL can be a reference of scientific and technological development
  1.  Coordinate the activities that ensure the compliance with the procedures required by researchers and by the Institution according to the calls of the Federal Government, like CONACYT –National Council on Science and Technology– the State Government, the productive sector and UANL; also, the Department of Financial Management of Funds Support approved by these organisms.
  2. Propose to the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies the members of the different scientific and technological committees, boards and advisory forums.
  3. Program and propose yearly the Department's activities.
  4. Promote and support every activity aimed at the achievement of normative goals, as well as of coordination, encouragement and research development, innovation and technological development.
  5. Promote and manage agreements of scientific and technological collaboration with the productive sector and other academic and research institutions.
  6.  Accomplish all the tasks given by UANL and the Office of the Vice President for Research, Innovation and Graduate Studies.
  7.  Manage the organization of the Scientific and Technological Research Summer Program, the Program for the Support of Scientific and Technological Research, and the UNIVERSIDAD AUTONOMA DE NUEVO LEON Research Award. 
  8. Manage the edition of the scientific journal 'Revista Ciencia'.
  9. Advise the UANL Advisory Board in all aspects related to scientific and technological research.
  10. Spread, execute and enforce the laws established by the UANL regulations and the Honorable University Senate agreements, in relation to the research activities.
Herminia G. Martinez Rodriguez
Research Director

Contact: (81) 8329 4032

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