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The Department of Planning and Strategic Projects carries out the following functions in support of the faculty of UANL.


Teacher Training

Design and develop institutional and refresher programs –on site and online learning– for academic staff; entitle the faculty, on an ongoing basis, to fully perform their academic functions through the development of educational processes, exchange of experiences and the systematization of their teaching practices, in the interest of the institution, professors and students. Offer, among others, a master degree program in University Planning. More information can be found at 

Teacher Support Programs

Provide support for educational projects development, processes of evaluation and curricular redesign and the development of programs aimed at improving the different UANL departments and schools.
Detect academic staff update needs, as well as monitor the activities performed.
Monitoring of federal programs for teachers support, such as the Faculty Enhancement Program (PROMEP, by its Spanish name).

Academic Services

Work in partnership with teachers engaged in the analysis and proposal of technological and pedagogical solutions as well as in the development of teaching materials with graphic and audiovisual production. 
Provide information and excellent library services to our university community and other upper intermediate education institutions and higher education institutions through the 'Dr. Pedro de Alba' specialized Library for education.
Offer adequate facilities and logistical support for holding academic and cultural events.



For more information about academic staff projects coordinated by the Department of Planning and Strategic Projects, please contact:
Martin Patricio Fernandez Delgado 
Deputy director for Development and Academic Growth, DGPPE - UANL 
Telephone. 8329 4130 ext. 2021

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