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Low Income Scholarships

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1. You must be on the date and time specified on the application form.
2. Fill out, print and bring the application form.  
3. Tuition and fees payment notice. The applicant should not pay until he/she receives an answer.  
4. Copy of the student’s birth certificate.
5. Copy of the student’s proof of residence: water, electricity, telephone or gas bill.
6. Proof of income of parents, unmarried siblings, and economically active students: 
o Paystubs
  -It must include the company’s stamp and RFC (Tax Identification Number) (last payment).
  * In case of working on commission or by piecework agreement, must brought the last four paystubs.
  *Recent pension receipts (in case of pension process, bring application or resolution), pension report, a letter issued by the bank or insurance company mentioning that the person is retired and his/her monthly income.
o IMSS registration form
The applicant must bring his/her IMSS registration form or recent wedge modification notification (no more than 6 months issued) with company stamp or IMSS stamp, except for the document of IMSS fees determination. 
o Proof of income letter 
Submit an income letter (no more than one month issued), on letterhead stationery including the employee’s name, occupation, length of employment and monthly income, as well as the name, position and signature of his/her immediate boss or signature from the department of human resources.
Business owners: must submit a letter from an accountant (no more than one month issued); it must specify the sort or type of business, the owner’s name, monthly income (profits) and the accountant’s name, signature and professional license number.
7. Provide proof in case there is any special situation such as widowhood, orphanage, parental separation, divorce, guardianship, or disability by chronic disease.
*In case of parental separation, a letter issued by an assistant judge is required; it must mention the situation and the existence or absence of child support.
Students whose families live outside the State of Nuevo Leon must ask the requirements directly in the Department of Scholarships, before the procedure date to verify if they meet the profile to receive the aide.
*There is not out of time procedures.
Subject to compliance with the requirements and policies of the Department of Scholarships.
For further information call (81) 8329-4134 and (81) 8329-4000, ext. 5170, 5157, 5228 or via e-mail: