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University Degree

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UANL offers a payment schedule for getting a University Degree:

  1. 50% of the total cost at the beginning of the procedure for obtaining the Professional Examination Certificate, in windows B-3 or B-4 of the UANL Department of Student Records.


  2. The remaining 50% will be paid when receiving the Professional Degree Certificate and Professional License at the UANL Department of Student Records, in windows D-1 or D-2.



  1. To be classified as intern in the different levels of education offered at UANL.

  2. Meet all academic and administrative requirements established by the Department of Student Records through the Division of Registration and Degree Certification, and the terms set forth by the UANL General Treasury Department.


For more information:

Go to the links related to the proceeding to be carried out.

Office of the Registrar

Division - Registration and Degree Certification, located on the first floor to the south of the Central Administration Offices. Telephone number: 8329 4000 ext. 4038 and 5162