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PA and TSU Professional Examination Certificate

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 Professional Examination Certificate for Professional Associate/ Professional Technician


1. Official letter issued by the aimed at the director of the Department of Student Records, 
in order to authorize the applicant’s Professional Examination Certificate procedure. The 
official letter must be sealed and signed. (6 months of validity)
2. Recent birth certificate (original and copy). All information on the birth certificate must 
be legible and without alterations. (International students should bring only a copy)
3. Certified and complete Professional Associate or Professional-Technician Degree 
Transcript. It must be legible and with recent issuance date (original and copy). If the 
applicant has a credit transfer certificate, the corresponding documents must be 
4. Junior High School certificate (original and copy of both sides)
5. Certified and complete High School Transcript (recent and legible). If the applicant has a 
credit transfer certificate, the corresponding documents must be attached.
6. High School certificate (legalized, original and copy of both sides). Only for Graduate 
Students from schools that do not belong to UANL.
NOTE.- If the High School certificate has credit transfer of another academic institution, 
the applicant must bring the original partial and legalized certificate issued by the 
academic institution in which he/she took partial studies.
7. Social Service Release Letter (Original and copy)
8. Enlargement of the Personal Number (CURP) to half size letter. Printed page from Internet
9. The applicant must go to the windows B1 to B4 for the revision of documents.
10.The applicant must make the payment established by the General Treasury Department 
for the Professional Examination and photos.
11.The applicant must go to the Photography Module for Academic Documents for having 
his/her photo taken and printed. (See specifications in related links)
12.Personal process
13.Copy of Photo ID