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ID Issuance

Academic exchange
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ID duplicate of New Admission Students

The applicant must go to the windows F8 or F9 of Division of Academic Information Systems and ID Issuance.

Updated picture and data in SIASE


  • Printthe tuition and fees payment notice
  • Current certified transcript emitted by the School
  •  Picture ID
  • Pay the fee of established by the UANL General Treasury Department

·Schedule: Monday-Friday 08:00-14:00 hrs.

Personal Procedure



Recommendations for protecting the Student ID:

  •   Protectit from UV rays and high temperatures.
  •  Avoid the use that can damage ID.
  •  Do not expose it to chemical solvents.
  • Do not to twist, bend it or write over the ID.
  • Exposing the ID to magnetic devices could damage the applications of it magnetic stripe and the integrated electronic chip.
  • Wrong usage, alteration, manipulation of data and/or electronic devices of this ID, will invalidate its authenticity, and the responsible of it will be sanctioned by the Law and Regulations of the UANL, regardless of the legal effects it may cause.
  • In case of theft or loss, report immediately via email  or personally to the Division of Academic Information Systems and ID Issuance at the UANL Department of Student Records, avoiding responsibilities from wrong usage of the University ID by other people.

 Taking care and protecting your university ID you will avoid unnecessary fees for getting a copy of it.